Stacking Value with Virtual Power Plants in Today's Digital Power Grid 

Moving Distributed Networked Energy Into the Mainstream

Today, the virtual power plant (VPP) concept is moving from an idea steeped in theory and conceptual innovation into a bona fide solution for a host of customer, utility, and transmission system challenges. VPPs present a value proposition that is being translated into real projects that push the envelope in terms of what is possible by intelligently managing diverse distributed energy resources (DERs) and providing a systems-of-systems approach to energy resources management.

This new white paper by Navigant Research focuses on mixed asset virtual power plants, which, according to Navigant, represent a paradigm shift in the energy market as they seek to recognize all loads, devices, generation, batteries, pumps, and even motor vehicles as resources able to contribute to the balancing of the distribution utility grid.

The paper covers the many critical success factors behind the creative aggregation and optimization of DERs to transform them into VPPs that deliver real value to both asset owners and the larger smart grid ecosystem. Download the paper to read about new architectures governing VPP expansion, physical VPP grid and market interaction values, case studies, VPP ROI, and VPPs and the Energy Cloud.