Virtual Power Plants Go Global

A Commercial Pathway for Moving From VPP to DERMS 

As the many players in the energy ecosystem work together to both stabilize and decarbonize our power grids, distributed energy resources (DERs) are the great enabler. Renewables, energy storage, CHP, EVs and other DERs are fundamentally reshaping our power grids. 

But distributed assets come with their own set of challenges – challenges like reliability, intermittency and resilience. Grid operators seeking new ways to ensure a consistent and steady supply-demand balance on a DER-rich grid rely on Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) as the platforms needed to gird the grid – and to do so at the lowest economic and environmental cost. 

At the same time, the grid-balancing speed and flexibility of VPPs also enable energy market players to leverage power aggregated by VPPs to quickly react to electricity price changes on the exchanges and execute more profitable trades. 

How are energy providers around the world successfully leveraging VPPs?  What are the geographic differences in how these platforms are being used?  How does a VPP set the framework for greater distribution system control under a DERMS framework?

navigantlogoThis new white paper from Navigant Research is the first in a four-part series exploring these and other questions. 

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