Clean energy solutions

The Eversource ConnectedSolutions Program

A case study on how the #1 energy efficiency provider in the United States exceeded its demand management goals

Using a leading distributed energy resources (DER) management system, the ConnectedSolutions demand response program developed by Eversource Energy has rapidly scaled up since 2019. The program has surpassed enrollment goals and set the bar high for demand management programs in the Northeast. Enrollment in the program in 2020 surpassed goals by more than 60 MW, reaching 170 MW across all customer types approved for targeted dispatch in addition to the 6.3 MW of storage capacity approved for daily peak shaving.

Named the #1 energy efficiency provider in the U.S., Eversource plans to add several hundred more megawatts to its portfolio of DER assets over the next few years and envisions building upon this foundation to explore other use cases. 

CORP_GuidehouseInsights_LOGO_0320_FINAL_Color-1 This case study illustrates how utilities can use a distributed energy resource orchestration and control platform, such as Generac Grid Services' Concerto™, to benefit customers while providing economic and reliability assets across the entire grid network.