The AGL Energy Virtual Power Plant Story

Network Service Reforms Can Unlock Australia's Full VPP Potential 

In Australia, AGL Energy is one of the country’s largest investors in renewable energy and one of the largest retailers of electricity in the National Energy Market, a highly deregulated market operating in the south and eastern part of the country. AGL also has the nation’s largest electricity generation portfolio, which includes solar, wind and hydroelectricity resources as well as thermal generation.

To deal with challenges like grid stability issues that come with the unprecedented amounts of solar PV connecting to the distribution system, AGL deployed a market-leading program aimed at unlocking the potential for VPP and DERMS platforms to deliver a full menu of benefits by using its portfolio of customer-owned distributed energy resources to maximize value streams across customers, wholesale markets and network services.

In this new paper from Guidehouse Insights and Generac Grid Services, read about this ground-breaking initiative and why it’s helped to make Australia a focal point of innovation when it comes to scaling value from distributed energy resources.